Travel Perspectives and A Free Map Tool!

A couple of people I know around the globe have told me that they would like to do a write up on their locale. As mentioned I welcome this as it gives us a different perspective on different locations that we may wish to visit, travel to or through. Some come on folks! There are […]

Travelers Get The Patch

A vaccine , skin patch, is being developed,  to aid travelers from diarrhea and the associated upset that comes with it.  Iomai Corp, in a clinical trial had very positive results with only three out of 59 people tested experiencing the adverse effects of diarrhea. It is estimated that 20 million tourists are stricken with […]

Adventure Travel Overseas, And The British Invasion!

Click on the heading and further down there will be a place to comment. Or on any page after a post there should be a “no responses” or “2 responses” etc. You can click on those and then you will be able to make a comment. “No responses yet” So Why Travel to Australia? One […]