Motorcycle Insurance is an All-Inclusive Deal That’s Worth It

Motorcycle insurance is not very popular and not many insurance companies provide it. However, availing McDougall’s motorcycle insurance Ontario should be prioritized owing to the high number of motorcyclists in the Canadian province.

The Basic Motorcycle Insurance Cover

The basic motorcycle insurance cover comes with several riders (benefits) that will be discussed shortly. A standard motorcycle cover will include basics such as insurance against accidents and theft. The various motorcycle types that are covered in Ontario include Cruizers, Mopeds, Scooters, Sport Bikes, High Performance Bikes, and Dirt Bikes. Even Vintage Bikes are covered by most insurance companies. This covers almost all types of bikes which means that if you’re a bicycle owner, then chances are whatever kind of bicycle you own, it will be covered, and at a cheap cost. Most insurance companies will charge between &$60-80 per year for insurance, and that is a great price.

The riders that were earlier mentioned that come along with the standard cover include full replacement cost if the bike is so damaged that it can only be replaced. The benefit of this is that if your bike had thousands of miles on it when you signed up for the insurance, it gets damaged and it needs to be replaced, most companies will give you back your full cost. You get a completely new bike! That’s a great deal, if you ask me. In addition, you get cover for your biking gear and your personal effects.

Although not many companies are availing motorcycle insurance in Ontario, those that do, have websites and you can get quotes and compare prices just like with any other auto insurance cover that you plan on taking. If you don’t know where to start, you can first ask your local biking organization and biker friends where they get their insurance from. They will have the experience to give you several options and then you can either do the research yourself, or go through a insurance broker for the same. A broker is advisable because they have the technical expertise and will know which companies have motorcycle insurance and which package is better.

Additionally, since they are professionals and you sign contracts with them, if anything goes wrong then you have someone to blame and potentially seek compensation from. A broker will also go through the heavy documentation for you and give you a summary so you don’t have to keep looking for the definitions of various insurance terms. These are just some of the benefits of using an insurance broker. If you can’t find one, or don’t want to use one, don’t fret. A little thorough research along with good recommendations from trusted friends will suffice.


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