Poking Around The Planet, Travel Mode

There are lots of places I would like to visit. That is not possible so I invite you to share with me the story of your town, city or country. Or any travel related stories or pictures,short or long, they can be funny or not, serious or not, weird or not, from this planet or…well there is no “or not” on that one.

It can be anonymous if you choose, I still require your contact info, and from the heart and true is what I would like to hear about, with some pictures if possible that I can show, or not, on this blog site.

This should be original and not something posted on the net. The articles are posted on another part of this site and will be referenced from here.

So if that interests you, just leave me a comment with your contact info and we can discuss it. I also use skype (www. skype.com) as they have a text as well as free internet phone system.

I will update my whereabouts and place some additional details on the site at some point. I have lived in quite a few places in Canada and had been uprooted from my birthplace early on so I am not “married” to any particular place these days. Still I love my location, which is on the “West Coast” of Canada very close to Washington State. Washington State and mountains are within view across the Juan de Fuca Strait from where I am. It is very pretty and I have not lived anywhere that I liked as much as here. More on that another day.

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