Prince Edward Island Home Of The Spud!

The province of Prince Edward Island (PEI) is situation on an island by the same name. Size-wise and population-wise, it is the smallest Canadian province and is located in the “Maritimes”.

Even though it is an island, you can drive 12.9 km across the Confederation Bridge from New Brunswick. The bridge is billed as the longest bridge over ice-covered waters in the world, in the winter time.

While it is true that the potato (spud) and products are exported worldwide there is much more to PEI. It is a very green place with reddish soil. Along with agriculture, there is fishing and tourism.

Have a great feast of lobster while you are in PEI, take in some golfing, deep sea fishing, laze away on the beach, or take in one of the historical sites. Drive around the island, take a hike and discover the sites , sounds and the friendly people of this beautiful island.

There is more waiting for you to explore and discover in PEI.

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