Travel Perspectives and A Free Map Tool!

A couple of people I know around the globe have told me that they would like to do a write up on their locale. As mentioned I welcome this as it gives us a different perspective on different locations that we may wish to visit, travel to or through. Some come on folks!

There are some interesting travel related blogs around, Ben has one, he is visiting Crete on an extended “vacation” and has some interesting observations. It sounds like an awesome adventure he is on. It is had to beat personal experience for sure.

For sure there can be some very memorable moments on our travels, some not so much, and perhaps some we could do without. Such is life as it truly is an adventure and that adventure is uniquely original to each of us. Part of our “reason to be” perhaps. Many factors come into play, who we are traveling with, or not, where we go, how we go, when we go, the people who cross our paths and what we see or choose to see and do.

I may have a fantastic time in a certain place, and you may not. Or vice-versa. Some of us like to laze around,vegetate, and others go gang busters and never stop. Either way is perfect for the moment and who we are.

Ok, I am going to vegetate for awhile as it is getting late and the brain is a bit lazy and hazy. But first, speaking of mind, I found a nice free open source program, called Free Mind, on the net that lets you “map” things, you could even use it to gather information to plan a trip.

It has many uses. I used it to put a number of website urls all in one place where I could then just click on the urls and up came the sites. Even better then trying to locate all those bookmarks I have on my computer. It is fun to play with it as well.

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