Travel To The USA And Canada!

I was watching a national television program today and there are foreign students who have traveled to Canada to take advantage of the educational system. Some are quite surprised that the Canadian dollar has reached par with the US dollar. That has not happened since 1976. One option for the foreign students is to switch to a US college or university. It seems it is still more economical to attend school in Canada as the tuition costs are lower.

Canadians are heading to the US as costs are lower now that the Canadian dollar is at par. One person said on a $20,000 to $25,000 car you can save $4,000 to $5,000 so this makes the trip certainly worthwhile. There are other items cheaper also. It all depends on what it is and how much you are going to spend. Still if you are going on a vacation anyway it could be worthwhile. This is especially true for those Canadians who are close to the US border.

For some Canadian sports teams like those in the NHL, NBA and MLB, this is like a windfall as they pay their players in US dollars and traveling to the US will cost much less as well. The Canadian players will have less to spend though.

Canada also expects many visitors in 2010 as Vancouver hosts the Winter Olympics Games. Many countries send teams and participants years ahead to train so this will benefit many communities in British Columbia. Some of the other areas in BC that are expected to benefit from the Olympics are in the interior, Kamloops, Kelowna, Vernon and also on Vancouver Island. All have ski resorts and there are other places also.

How this will affect travel to Canada from the US and other countries remains to be seen.

That is a bit what is happening in Canada from a travel perspective.

I will ski-doo out of here for now. Oops, it is kind of warm to do that right now, well most any time from where I am located.

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